About Brainy 



Brainy Education Center was founded in March 2020. Our vision is to create rigorous, stimulating academic programs for students in grades 2 to 12. With this vision, we have achieved and exceeded these goals, helping numerous students excel in their school curricula and enter their desired programs at the secondary and post-secondary levels. 

Parents appreciate the top-quality, professional instruction and consistent communication we provide at Brainy, and we deliberately craft a friendly, nurturing setting in which students can thrive. We offer in-person and online enrichment classes for those in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), as well as online classes for students across Canada.

Committed, enthusiastic, highly qualified educators operate on an expert and intersectional team to develop and supervise our enrichment programs. Our rigorous selection process ensures we only employ teaching professionals with proven experience, success, and innovative teaching ideas. 

We ensure small class sizes, regular feedback, and continuous engagement with both students and parents to foment client success.

Brainy Education Center’s enrichment programs help students meet and exceed academic expectations in the curricula in their day schools. Additionally, we provide specific instruction for students interested in entering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and the Advanced Placement (AP) Program to develop a solid academic foundation. Our instructors and programs ensure students can succeed in these programs as well as the provincial high school programs across Canada.

Mission Statement

Brainy Education Center’s mission is to assist our students in improving their learning skills and grades, allowing them to enter their desired secondary and post-secondary programs. In turn, we aim for all our students to have the skills necessary to achieve both academic and life goals to succeed at school and to live fulfilling lives.

To achieve this, our programs are designed to inculcate a sense of responsibility, diligence, and resilience among students. Brainy challenges students to aspire to be the best version of themselves.

Our Difference

1. Small Class Size

We exclusively offer limited capacity classes so that our instructors are able to offer all students sufficient feedback and attention, while at the same time providing an environment that makes meaningful discussion with other students possible.

2. Weekly assignment and feedback

At Brainy, we value the process of evaluation: the sense of achievement and knowing it brings students is irreplaceable. With this in mind, all classes have weekly assignments and/or quizzes students must submit prior to each lesson. This allows instructors to gauge and address student needs, thereby offering targeted guidance and feedback throughout the semester.

Similar to weekly evaluative activities, our programs incorporate final examinations/assignments. Brainy Education exams/assignments allow students, teachers, and parents to assess all learning outcomes and work together toward ensuring student success. This also functions to give students clear goalposts and expectations for their learning.

3. Well-designed Curricula

We expend significant time and resources developing our curricula using leading teaching materials. Additionally, Brainy Education staff experienced curriculum developers to help us create a bespoke system of supplementary education tailored to our students. All admitted students take a comprehensive assessment to ensure they are placed optimally within our system, taking only classes at the level that will lead to improvement.

4. Preparation time for teachers

We compensate our teachers well for class preparation, grading, and after-hours feedback, while many other education centers do not. This guarantees that Brainy staff effective, committed, and passionate instructors.

5. Same teacher throughout the semester, stability, and relationship

Unlike other education centers and tutoring schools, the same teacher will teach the same class throughout the semester, which allows the teachers and students to develop excellent rapport. At Brainy, instructors and students have the time to develop relationships that bolster educational attainment.