Debate & Public Speaking Program

Have you ever gotten flustered during an argument? Felt anxious about speaking in front of a group? Failed to convince someone about an important point? Or only figured out the perfect response hours after the fact, when it no longer mattered? The answer to all of these questions is probably ‘yes’.

Most people dread public speaking, and even more people find it hard to research and prepare a concise, compelling argument. Combining the two skills might seem nearly impossible, but there is a way to learn how to craft the perfect argument, respond to counter-points on the fly, and do it all in front of an audience. Join our debate and public speaking program!

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Program Description

Debate & Public Speaking (Gr. 6 or above)

Public Speaking (Gr. 5 or below)

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Instructor (Public Speaking)


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Coach (Debate)


Instructor (Public Speaking)


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