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We believe that every student is capable of speaking and expressing their thoughts clearly and confidently.  Thus, participating in public speaking and debating should not be intimating. Our goal is to encourage students to think critically and gain confidence in their ideas.

At Brainy Education, we offer top quality debate training for students in grades 6 to 12 at all levels. We welcome students with a wide range of experience. We help young debaters compete in local, national and international competitions. Meanwhile, we also support shy students develop confidence and skills that help improve their studies.   

Our expert instructors will help students determine which class is the best match for them, and group the students based on their ages and experience.

Unique aspects of our program

  • We have top debaters in Canada teaching our classes
  • Class sizes have a small teacher to student ratio (1:6 in our beginner classes, and 1:8 in our intermediate & competition classes) so that students can get lots of valuable feedback and speaking time
  • We have resources for students to learn from outside of class time. This includes pre recorded video lessons, informational guides, links to information, and more

Benefits of debate

  • Gain confidence in public speaking
  • Learn how to research, analyze articles, and use facts to prove points
  • Understand how to create well structured arguments
  • Learn to see both sides of worldly issues
  • Gain information and understanding of a vast range of issues (e.g., art, economics, politics, international relations, technology, feminism, social justice)
  • Debate improves reading, writing, speaking, logic, and understanding of the world
  • Teamwork

Program Structure

Level 1: Beginner

This class will focus on introductory public speaking and debate skills. Through a mix of seminars and public speaking games, the class will cover the basis of public speaking and how to deliver content in an effective manner. In addition, students will learn how to analyze a variety of topics (e.g. art, science, politics, philosophy), construct arguments, apply research, and more. These skills will then be combined into a lesson on World Schools (3v3) style debating, as well as participation in practice debate rounds. The class will be taught through a mix of interactive seminars, public speaking games, debates, and debate related activities.

Level 2: Intermediate

This class will expand on the fundamentals of British Parliamentary debating. It will be constructed through a mix of debate skill seminars, content seminars, debate drills, and debates. Throughout the course, students will build on basics of argument construction, refutation, and rebuilding. The class will go in depth on common themes in debate and give students knowledge on topics such as economics, political systems, social issues, and more.

Level 3: Competitive

This class is for students who already have a grasp on British Parliamentary debating and are looking to further advance their skills and potentially work towards competing. Based on the interest of students in the class, various advanced debating seminars will be offered. The class will heavily prioritize practice debates and feedback from qualified instructors, learning about common motions run at tournaments, and catering to the skills that students desire to develop.