Math Enrichment Program

Brainy Education’s Math Enrichment programs are based on the premise that the public mathematics curricula at primary and secondary levels require enhancement and supplementation for students to become optimally successful as they move forward in both education and, in some cases, STEM disciplines.

In acknowledgement of this, our Junior and Intermediate Math Programs deploys the Singapore Math methodology, which is proven to create some of the world’s strongest math students, especially in grades 1 to 8. This way, students have the opportunity to develop a more robust foundation at a younger age.

While our program for younger students focuses on early foundations, our Senior Math Program is an addendum to Ontario and British Columbia official curricula. Our math teachers designed this program to ensure students meet and exceed secondary school standards. This, in turn, prepares students for entrance requirements for programs in top universities in North America.

Program Description

Junior Math Enrichment Program (Singapore Math) (Grades 1-6)

Our Junior Math Enrichment Program is based on the internationally recognized SAP Math Curriculum in Singapore. It is designed to build a strong mathematics foundation for students in Grades 1-6. The highly successful Singapore Math method, implemented in 1982, has gained traction around the world as a reputedly superior teaching pedagogy. Using this methodology for almost 40 years, Singapore has ranked consistently at the top in mathematics testing since 1991.

Singapore Math focuses on mastery and problem solving, and assumes students are fully capable of learning every facet of mathematics. Students achieve this mastery primarily through sequential lessons which build on concepts that solidly ground the student in fundamental, core skills. Some key features of the approach include the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) progression, number bonds, bar modelling, and mental math. Rather than pushing primarily for memorization, teachers help students learn to think mathematically, leaning instead on the depth of knowledge they accumulated in previous lessons. 

The response to Singapore Math has been overwhelmingly positive in North America. Each year, many Singapore Math students perform above grade level. They improve even further as they continue learning this methodology. They often perform outstandingly in mathematics-based skills and testing, and can more easily enter advanced educational programs.

Intermediate & Senior Math Enrichment Program (Grades 7-12)

Our Intermediate and Senior Math Program for grades 7-12 provides intensive, focused mathematics studies in a small, online classroom setting. It helps students to meet, and often exceed, the requirements in Ontario Curriculum and British Columbia Curriculum, filling in gaps arising from the bare minimum of instruction currently available through their public school teachers.

At a time when they most need to excel, middle school and high school students are facing reduced instruction times and little to no homework support. Our Math Program supplements their learning, providing the guidance they need to get and stay ahead. This program covers subjects from the immediate public Curriculum but focuses on topics and units with which students are struggling.