How our online classes work

The Brainy Education Center offer high quality, effective online classes. We had our teachers research some of the best media for the task, and from their expert advice, we chose to offer our classes through Zoom and Google Classroom – some of the most effective, user-friendly, and accessible online platforms for education. All our teachers receive comprehensive training for online teaching and the associated technology.

To enroll and participate in Brainy classes, all students must install Zoom on their device and sign up for a Google account to access Google Classroom. To get the most out of our classes, students should possess a microphone and web camera, as well as a stable internet connection. Our online classes use several essential components: pre-recorded lessons, live interactive classes, online discussion board, weekly assignments and quizzes, and mid-terms/final exams.

1. Live interactive classes

One of the best ways to engage learners online is by offering regular and stimulating discussion. Brainy does this by running live interactive classes that encourage engaged learning, simultaneously helping students connect not only with instructors but also with one another. This forges a proper classroom environment.

2. Pre-recorded lessons

Pre-recorded lessons are a vital resource for students learning online, so Brainy is offering 24/7 access to these lessons to allows students to learn outside of class time. Teachers will harness the power of Zoom and Google classroom for this, uploading all course materials and pre-recorded to Google so that parents and students can access them any time.

3. Weekly assignments, quizzes, and exams

At Brainy, we value the process of evaluation: the sense of achievement and knowing it brings students is irreplaceable. With this in mind, all classes have weekly assignments and/or quizzes students must submit before each lesson. This allows instructors to gauge and address student needs, thereby offering targeted guidance and feedback during tutorials and on Google Classroom.

Similar to weekly evaluative activities, our programs incorporate mid-term and final examinations. Brainy Education exams are a way for students, teachers, and parents to assess all learning outcomes and work together toward ensuring student success. This also functions to give students clear goalposts and expectations for their learning.

4. Online message board

Our online message board is a means by which instructors can generate, operate, and maintain discussions, both limited and ongoing, outside formal in-class time. It also allows students to ask questions and interact with their classmates on their terms, fulfilling a vital social learning function of education.

The Brainy Education Center also encourages open and frequent communication between all parties. Should students and parents have any general questions about our programs, they are welcome to reach out to the Center by email or phone during business hours. If there are questions about content and learning during a program, please contact the course administrator on Google Classroom and expect a response during the class’ scheduled office hours.