Registration Process

Step 1: Contact us about the need of the student

To contact us about concerns surrounding the needs of students, send us a message via email, phone, WeChat, or the message box on this page. 

We will reply to your inquiry in less than 24 hours from when we receive your message. If immediate assistance is absolutely necessary, please telephone or text message 1-647-512-8371 during our business hours from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), seven days a week.

If you are calling outside office hours, please leave a message, and we will contact you as soon as possible within business hours the following day.

Step 2: Assessment test

We require that all new students complete an assessment to allow us to place them at the most appropriate level of classes. Proper placement will mean students can receive the most effective instruction, allowing them to get ahead in their education more quickly. Students must complete a written and/or oral assessment to fulfill this requirement, though some may only be required to complete a written assessment.

Step 3: Payment & Registration

After we discuss the courses in which the student will register, we will provide you with an invoice that indicates the costs of the course(s) and the total amount due.

The easiest way for you to send payment is through Interac (e-transfer), but you may also send payment through Pay Pal or WeChat Pay. Pay Pal is highly secure, guarantees all transactions, and accepts most major credit cards and international payments.

Step 4: Join the Brainy Community

As soon as we receive your payment, we will send you an email notification. If we have any questions, we will get in touch with you. In addition, Brainy Education will email parents the pertinent class schedules, at which point students may begin engagement and join our community, benefiting from all our available resources. During each course, parents will receive a review of their children’s progression, including mid-term and final progress reports.