Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is specialized, focused, one-on-one instruction in a specific subject. Students who are falling behind or those interested in accelerated learning to get ahead are most suited to and will benefit most from individual tutoring. The process is always customized, so it can incorporate curricular materials or original content focused on the specific needs of a given student. This service also fills gaps left by public education by giving students one-on-one time with an expert instructor who targets their specific needs – something many public-school teachers simply do not have the time to do.

The Brainy Education Center encourages individual tutoring when possible for some of the most radical educational progress, but we usually do not recommend elementary students to take individual tutoring sessions. Instead, we make group classes available that are targeted to the specific needs of the age group. Currently, we offer individual tutoring for Grades 9-12 in English, French, Mathematics, and most Science subjects. 

We also accept customized group tutoring sessions and a combination of any number of subjects. Our highly educated and trained tutors only teach in their specialized subjects, unlike other centers that have few scruples when it comes to having tutors fill in for subjects in which they are not specially trained.

In addition, there are substantial differences between group classes and individual tutoring: both are great for different reasons, and students need to see what works best for their learning style.

Individual Tutoring

  • One-on-one instruction, often customized to students, whether special needs, struggling with certain content, or interested excelling. It can be more targeted to specific issues and goals.
  • Quiet, private environment. Students who are easily distracted by noise or other people thrive in this environment. Promotes focus and individualized discipline.
  • More expensive than group classes.
  • The learning environment is more focused and tailored to a single student’s strengths and weaknesses. If a student is behind or needs to practice certain subjects or topics, this more focused approach is ideal.

Enrichment Class

  • Small classroom settings encourage interaction among students and instructors. Broadly and expertly developed curriculum and assessments tuned to the needs of students in a social environment that helps develop academic, social and life skills.
  • Social environment that encourages interacting with peers and understanding mutual expectations. Students who need more socialization or who thrive from interaction with their peers learn excellently in such settings.
  • More affordable than private tutoring.
  • Learning is more interactive (i.e. learning games, group activities, presentations, etc.). Students who bore easily, learn better during teamwork, or need to apply concepts to tangible objects or actions tend to benefit more from this environment.